Miro template of Platform as a Product Workshop

Platform as a Product Workshop Miro Template

You will learn how to run guided step-by-step sessions to build with your team your platform vision, define your platform goals, and understand your customers to set for success a Thinest Viable Platform.

A course for Product and Engineer Leaders

Build a Platform Team isn't exclusively for developers. It requires a different set of roles and disciplines that collaborates to deliver a curated platform experience.

Being able to align people for the same objective is key to the platform's success.


This workshop gave me a whole new perspective on how to approach product and architecture from a far-reaching perspective. With Team Topologies fundamentals carefully applied in this workshop I moved from a "supervisor mindset" role to a facilitator, being able to make a broad-ranging impact in the organization by leading to the convergence between product and architecture vision especially when it involved many different teams at a time.

Thiago Amicussi Alves

Software Engineering Lead at Mercado Livre

The Workshop was key to adopt a Platform as a Product mindset in my team, helping to apply end-user products knowledge from all members to this new scenario, regardless of the role. It distilles Team Topologies ideas in a easy and ready-to-use way.

Alejandro Mancheño

Engineering Lead at Creditas

As a PM who had never worked with a platform as a product, having a step-by-step on where to start helping me gain context faster and helped me address stakeholder demands. At this point, the important value for me as a PM is the sense of direction this workshop has given me.

Dani Barros

Platform Product Manager at Creditas


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